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Thursday, January 05, 2006

BEEN SO LONG...........

Hullo.....this is the latest thing I've done with that famous (Yeah..right) beatnik, Bongo. My cutie-pie MIL (You have to go to her blog to get that inside reference) is into knitting and digs the beat characters I draw so I whipped this up per her request (Something with Beatniks and Yarn I believe the vague request consisted of, so I had a lot of creative freedom). I hope that Yarn Barn doesn't sue me as this beatnik has had enough legal action threatened against him (Another story, another time). I haven't done anything creative in such a long time I think it really helps when someone shows an interest and gives you that extra push. My little brother is good at that. I try to help him with his stuff and he trys to help me with mine (Dig him at or and try to guess which freak is him). We give each other encouragement and feedback. Plus my Wife keeps telling me I should do more artwork/writing while I try to ignore her over the drone of the latest video game crack I'm addicted to. People like this are why I do poke my head out of my video game hole every now and then and actually accomplish something. It's getting to be rarer and rarer but I've decided that my New Year's resolution (One of them anyway) is to spend my one off day a week (Off from work that is. I'm OFF everyday) doing long idle projects (This is that day this week). One of these will definitely be a new Little Doodles comic that I will share with whomever wants one. And I'm sure the Monster-In-Law will be happy to hear that I will finally break ground on the "Simply Enchanting" series I've long imagined but never got around to starring a good witch that slightly resembles her and a leprechaun that looks a lot like my Pop. I hope to keep this up also just to keep a hand in writing and continue to develop that so that when I eventually get around to writing more I will feel more confident. I'll post a few more thing today or tomorrow that I've been messing around with to show everyone where I'm at so stay tuned.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger nixonreed said...

Excellent and about fucking time I might say. I can't wait to see more work come from you and Simply Enchanting sounds just that. Does this mean they'll be no dick and fart jokes. I love dick jokes. Later.


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